College of Environmental Design
University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts,
Major in Architecture, 1996


Licensed to practice Architecture in California 7 June 1982


Worked in the offices of:

  • Richard E. Johnson, Architects

  • Gil Barry Architects

  • Richard Biolosky Design Associates

  • Bob Easton Design

  • Warner & Grey Architects


Began independent practice 15 May 1993


I was appointed to the City of Santa Barbara Historic Landmarks Commission, in 1993, and continue to serve in that capacity, in design review and designation.

  • Contributed to the 2010 Edition of "El Pueblo Viejo Guidelines" 

  • Contributed to the 2011 "Single Family Residence Design Guidelines of Santa Barbara".


I was appointed to the Palm Springs Historic Structures Preservation Board in 2014.


Received the Santa Barbara Contractors Association Award for Residential Remodel - Andresen Residence - in 1994.


Received the Santa Barbara Contractors Association Award for Residential Remodel, - Margaret Staton Residence - in 2000.  For a unique solution in providing accessibility within an existing residence.


A successful design, particularly a home:

Embodies your dreams - how you imagine your life better lived;

Conveys meaning to you, reflects your story, your myth


Contains and nurtures the patterns of your daily life

Is your shelter and womb


Sits gently on the earth, responding to the particular environment, topography, climate, and views

Represents a prudent use of materials and resources

Responds to the interrelationship of structure and nature


My task as your Architect is to:

integrate all of these elements into the design

act as guide and friend through the process of discovery and realization

observe, listen, organize and synthesize

Draw inspiration from my broad knowledge of architectural history, style and form, and to formulate a design as an authentic expression of a particular style and it's iconic and best characteristics


Express these ideas in graphic form for your understanding, and to convey that information necessary for construction

Collaborate with other professions for a full integration of the design elements

Oversee the construction, providing support and guidance to the contractor and craftsmen